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    These TOP 20 Funny Images Are British Humour At Its Finest You'll Ever Find On Net!!

    Buzzers, not many people will understand British humour. Even so lots of people also become a fans of British humour since it carries the absurdity of our everyday life! It can feel like a whole new language in which foreigners may find it weird or dry but hey a humour is a humour!! You don’t need to understand it, you only need to laugh with […] More

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    TOP 15 Funniest Walking Dead Memes You Need To Laugh It Out Loud!

    Buzzers, walking dead has come back with season 9. The walking dead fans will be greeted with newest villains, Alpha. Alpha who in charge of the zombie skin wearing group will make the whole movie more thrilling to watch!! But meanwhile, here is top 15 funniest walking dead memes from previous episode to refresh your mind and make you laugh out loud before the new […] More

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    TOP 20 Funny Pictures When Peta Protesters Is Too Sexy To Handle!


    Buzzers, care for the sustainability of other living being such as animals are a good thing to do. No animals are worth dying in a cruel way especially if it will make them goes extinct in the future.  Peta has been around for years to create a change in how we treat animals in more humane way, but lately their campaigns create a debate. One […] More

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    TOP 20 Weirdest Belly Button Tattoos You Will Ever See In Your Life!

    Buzzers, do you ever wish to get a tattoo? Some people use tattoo to cover their scars, or just as an identity and for fun. I also think tattoo is cool, but well maybe one day you will regret it. Just like these top 20 people with the weirdest belly button tattoo you will ever see in your life!  #1. #2. #3. #4. #5. #6. […] More

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    TOP 25 Funny Bad Neighbors Photos That We Have Met At Least Once in Our Life!

    Hi Buzzers, move to a new neighborhood is not an easy thing to do! It can only mean two things whether it can be heaven or hell!! I believe we all have met our own version of “Bad neighbors” in our life! These people below also share their bad neighbors experience that we all can relate! #1. The war has been declared… #2. It’s a […] More

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    Top 25 Funny New Years Memes & Funny Gif That Will Make You Laugh And Cry!!


    Buzzers!!! Finally New Years is around the corner, who is excited for New Years Eve Party?! Or do you prefer to gather with family in a New Years Eve Dinner? Well, both option is great! The most important is to be grateful for the years we’ve gone through. No matter how bad our 2018, next year is a wonderful start for us! Keep believing, Buzzers! […] More

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    These TOP 20 People Win Bazbuzz Nomination of Worst Ugliest Xmas Sweater Everr!!

    Tis is the season Buzzers!! Time to go on a holiday and meet our craziest family, but wait a minute have you pack your Xmas sweater with you? Well, if you haven’t then let’s go for a Christmas shopping! There will be a lot of fun in buying the worst and ugliest christmas sweater eveerrr!!! Just like these people below… 1. When a clothing is […] More

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    TOP 25 Hilarious Absurd Warning From Around The World!

    Buzzers, these signs below have been lost in translation or simply grammatically incorrect! As the result, it gives an absurd and hilarious meaning that will make us chuckle! So here is the Top 25 absurd signs from all over the world! Could you guessing what they really mean Buzzers? #1. #Feed #2. Crocodile must be very sexy #3. Honey ?? #4. Slut?  #5. Oh thanks […] More

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    Could You Pass Our Dirty Mind Test??

    Buzzers, Our mind is a gift to perceive something which in the result give us conclusion whether it dangerous or safe for us. In short, Our mind is an amazing survival mechanism. We will know when to fight or flight, when to eat, drink, and how to use tools and create innovations that will make fast development in technology and our life. But, now many […] More

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    These 20+ Worst Halloween Costume Will Make You Cringe!!

    Buzzers only four days until Halloween, have you prepared your Halloween costume? Well, please make sure you do it right. Scary with a touch of sexy is okay but don’t be too dirty just like these people below. These people wear a quirky yet unique costumes which will make you cringe!! 1. When your father wish to wear one of these at least… 2. What […] More

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    TOP 20 Falling Star Challenge With a Humorous Twist

    Buzzers, millennials always can create some new trend even in social media. The falling star challenge is one of the most popular challenge spreading all around the world and in so many of social media platforms. First designed as a tool for rich Russian flaunt their branded and hedonist lifestyle, now common people doesn’t want to lose their chance participating in this challenge. The hashtag […] More

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    Top 10 Most Famous Deformity Shows Nature Sometimes Can Be A Dick

    Buzzers, Fruits and Veggies can have deformity too. We can find out there fruits and veggies that are in unusual shapes. The shapes could be scary, but most of the time it was so hilarious until it became an internet sensation. Well, Probably that’s the way nature plays with our mind. So Buzzers, here is top 10 most famous fruits and veggies with deformity that […] More

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