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    Top 15 Funny Golf Memes That You Should Share At The Golf Course!!

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    Buzzers, golf is a sport which players hit one single small ball into series of holes. In the old times, golf is only for “gentlemen only and women forbidden”…don’t know if it’s correlated with balls and hole or something else lol. The first Woman who first played this game is Mary Queen of Scotts and finally around 20th century this sport is not exclusive for […] More

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    Top 15 Funniest Brexit Signs That Will Tickle Your Fancy !!!

    Buzzers, people always find a creative yet funny words to express themselves and their dissatisfaction about politics and certain events such as Brexit! We still remember how the idea break the heart of the people of Britain. The anti Brexit campaign was held to rethink the decision. People go out in the streets to show how they love to remain in European Union with funniest […] More

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    TOP 10 Funny GIFS Shows Back To Work After New Years Holiday Is Hilarious !!

    Buzzers, Some of you probably already in front of your computer and do the task that pile up from last year! Well, even though we often heard “New Years, New Me!”, ” New Years, New Spirit”…Let’s be honest that back to work after new years party is suck sometimes. If you feel it that way, maybe it’s time to evaluate balance between your work and […] More

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    These Top 20 Cute Animals Do The #Who Wore It Better? Challenge and They're Adorable!

    Buzzers, Who love to talk with their cats and dogs or their pets in general? Well, any pets actually work wonders for us, not only cute they can also reduce our stress and be a great companion! A study even said that people who own a pet like cute cats and dogs tend to have a more happier life than the people who don’t. Looking […] More

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    These TOP 15 Anime Memes in Funniest Gif Will Cheer Your New Years Eve!!

    Buzzers, how was your Christmas party so far? Hopefully you get the most joyful Christmas this year!! But don’t forget in the next 6 days we will welcoming New Years!! Time flies so fast, but few things remain the same such as failed on your last year new years resolution LoL. Well, don’t be pessimistic Buzzers, the reason the year keep renewing itself so that […] More

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    These TOP 20 People Win Bazbuzz Nomination of Worst Ugliest Xmas Sweater Everr!!

    Tis is the season Buzzers!! Time to go on a holiday and meet our craziest family, but wait a minute have you pack your Xmas sweater with you? Well, if you haven’t then let’s go for a Christmas shopping! There will be a lot of fun in buying the worst and ugliest christmas sweater eveerrr!!! Just like these people below… 1. When a clothing is […] More

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    The Worst 21 events of Bad Luck That You Prayed Won't Happen in Your Life!

    Buzzers, our life sometimes give us lemons! But, you should to worry because you are not the only one who have a bad day! Some people even have a day worst than you! So keep in mind that eventually your sun will shine meanwhile you can laugh at this 21 events of bad luck that lucky not happening in your life….at least for now ;)! […] More

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    TOP 20 Funniest Homecoming Proposals That Are Never Fail!!


    Buzzer’s do you have a memorable memory in Homecoming? How do you propose a girl or a guy for hoco is matters a lot before homecoming! If you lack of the idea you can choose from our 20 funniest proposal which never fail! 1. I didn’t chicken out… 2. When her buns goes through your heart.. 3. One you taste it, you will love this […] More

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    TOP 15 Hilarious Anime Memes That Is Close To Our Reality!!

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    Hi Buzzers! What is your favorite anime? Mine is Dragon Ball and Hunter X Hunter! Anime has a lot of fans because of its unique character! For the haters, please know that anime is NOT ONLY for Kids!! Buzzers, If anime has become a part of your life then you will find these anime memes are relatable and hilarious! Check this one out! 1. When […] More

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    Funny Thanksgiving Hacks You Should Probably Try Once in Your Life!

    Buzzers, it’s thanksgiving again! Have you give thanks to all your family? Well, we know someone probably do not deserve it lol but hey it’s tradition and blood is thicker than water! No matter how your family is, they have given you an opportunity to be in this world, to be you, and enjoy every opportunity that come to your life. Let’s say in short […] More

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    These Little Monsters "Caught in The Act" With The Most Adorable Reaction Ever!

    Buzzers, kids are adorable little monsters! If you have kids and suddenly they don’t make a noise then congratulation! Because they might be busy destroying things around the house and make the house look messy. Well, Even though it could be tiring but their smile always can entertain us!! So, these are 20 kids who get caught red handed in the crime scene! #1. When […] More

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    TOP 15 Worst Things People Do For Revenge!

    Hi Buzzers!! What is scarier than a Lion? Well, I think if your partner know you have been cheating on them! Even though everything must be happened for a reason and it’s a good time to rethink about your relationship once again, some people just can’t forget the heartache! Of course there are people who believe in Karma but some people is “The Karma”! Did […] More

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