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    TOP 15 Questions You Probably Still Unsure About HIV Transmission and Post Infection (Part 1)

    Buzzers HIV is a virus that attack our immune systems. With the spreading of unhealthy lifestyle such as a casual sex, drugs, stealthing trends in UK, and many more, it will be very helpful for you to understand more about this virus. Even though in most cases people get infected by HIV because of free sex, you can also get infected because of something else. […] More

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    These 10 Facts Will Make You Falling in Love With A Hamster!


    Hi Buzzers!! Do you have any hamster at home? Even though these cute fellas have small body, but they always seem to be happy and energetic! A little rounded creature with a big heart!! To fall in love with them even more, here’s the 10 facts that get you in awe.. 1. Thanks to Syria because now hamster is in the United States. It was […] More

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    10 Deepest Facts of Baikal Lake for All Globetrotters!

    Hi Buzzers!! Baikan lake is one of the oldest lake in the world. This lake in Russia is worth a visit for all globe Trotter in the world!! You will find various natural and supernatural phenomenon which will make you in awe!! Check this out and keep it in your bucket list! 1. Lake Baikal in Southern Part of Russia is the World’s deepest and […] More

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    10 Superpowers You Don't Realize You Have in Your Body !!

    Buzzers do you realize that your body is so perfect and strong? Well apparently human body has been designed with superpowers!! It is probably not as the one you imagine but still it is quite marvelous…so here’s 10 superpowers you don’t realize you have in your body! 1. Your stomach acid can dissolve a Razor Blade! Sounds great right? You must be not believe it […] More

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    7 Most Bizarre Beauty Trends For Women!

    1. Face Tape Some women feel insecure about their chubby cheeks! So many women try to find a way on how to make it more thin. When surgery is too expensive, high risk without an instant result, there is only one answer; face tape! You will pull excessive skin from your face and tape it to give a thinner result then cover it with make […] More

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    5 Oldest Tattoo Shops around The World!

    Hi Buzzers!! Since today is a #NationalTattooDay, Let’s check out these 7 oldest tattoo shop in the World! Probably you’ll get inspired.. 1. Razzouk in Jerusalem The tattoo parlour belongs to Anton Razzouk. His ancestors decided to stay at Jerusalem and open the business around 300 years ago. The most popular tattoo here are cross, virgin mary, pilgrims and other religious symbols. According to Razzouk, […] More

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    7 Most Beautiful Rooftop Bar in Paris to Capture Eiffel Tower at Night!!

    Hi Buzzers, have any weekend plan or just plan your trips to Paris? You aware that there is a regulation to not capture Eiffel tower at night right? Well, here is a tip; enjoy your magical Eiffel tower from these rooftop bars! A night out wouldn’t have feel better than this! 1. L’Oiseau Blanc L’oiseau Blanc or also translated as the White bird is a […] More

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    10 Do's and Don't You Should Know to Elevate Your Thailand Vacation!

    Hi Buzzers!! Summer is here so do you plan a trip to the beautiful tranquil country with its amazing beaches? Yes!! It’s Thailand! Here is some travel tips on what you should do and not do in Thailand! What You Should Not Do Many traveler sometimes hard to adapt to the culture and it will increase a misunderstanding or make you feel ” Gosh! My […] More

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    7 Fancy Shopping Places in Uruguay to Find Souvenirs!

    1. Mercados De Los Artesanos This market has various options of things, from handcrafted goods to wine glasses. The market’s handcrafted goods are from local Uruguayan artists that is unique because each has different styles. 2. La pasionaria, universe creativo If you don’t have much time to decide whether you should go shopping or fulfill your stomach then I recommend you to go to this […] More

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    Is Low Heart Rate Dangerous?

    Hi Buzzers! Do you know that there is few heart disease which doesn’t give you a heart attack? One of it is low heart rate or bradycardia. Bradycardia is a form of arrythmia or irregular heart beats. For adults heart beat when resting normally is around 60-100 bpm. Except for athletes. Even though low heart beat also indicate that we are healthy but a heart […] More

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    8 Illustrations Describe a Perfect Single Life !

    Buzzers, are you single? Well, don’t worry it’s not the end of the world, in fact sometimes we just love it! When our friends busy scheduling weekend dates, we can just lay back and relax! Not wasting time in queuing to see that movie or to go to that hair saloon. But of course sometimes we wonder where our soul mate is and this artist […] More

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