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    These TOP 20 Funny Images Are British Humour At Its Finest You'll Ever Find On Net!!

    Buzzers, not many people will understand British humour. Even so lots of people also become a fans of British humour since it carries the absurdity of our everyday life! It can feel like a whole new language in which foreigners may find it weird or dry but hey a humour is a humour!! You don’t need to understand it, you only need to laugh with […] More

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    TOP 20 Funniest Absurd Signs You Will Find in London!

    Buzzers, We always get excited to explore a new city and get a new experience. But, what if we find something absurd yet amusing at the same time? Surely it will make us giggles! Just like when these travelers found an absurd yet hilarious sign in London! Here is the Top 20 you need to check out!! 1. Just STAHP!! 2. Who can relate? 3. […] More