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    These Illustration Artist Draws The Important Meaning of Love In Beautiful Anime Style!

    Buzzers, Love and relationship between a guy and a woman are always be a mystery since millions of years ago. The difference characteristic between them even described as Mars and Venus. Well, but in the name of love these totally different character try to complement each other and therefore two become one. Of course not all romance, Love is much more complicated than just a […] More

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    TOP 20+ Things That Weirdest Single People Do!!

    Buzzers, people are weird but not as weird as single people! Their weirdness have reached an ultra level. Leaving alone in a isolation of a “single” status will make people get too comfy about themselves! Also, not to forget they tend to have a wild yet vivid imagination of being in a “relationship”. If you want to know whether your friends single or not then […] More

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    You Are Not in The Craziest Relationship If You Haven't Experienced This!!

    Hi Buzzers, do you think your relationship is weird? Well, relationship should not be perfect indeed! We have curated the 15 images showing how crazy relationship could be!! Check it below!! #1. What your boyfriend do when you are away… #2. When he gives you flowers with #romantic notes #3. He’s a thoughtful guy if he go abroad and pick a souvenir for you…but below […] More

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    TOP 20 Quirky Weird Couples Images Shows Love is For Everyone!

    Buzzers when we are in love we accept our girlfriend or boyfriend completely. We become one and unite in what everybody said “a relationship”. Some people will have an amazing and flawless relationship until at some point they know each other better then start showing the quirkiness and weirdest part of themselves. Some people can’t put up with this but some can, that’s what makes […] More

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    10 Illustrations Explain Stages In Falling in Love, Which Stage Are You Now?

    Hi Buzzers! Falling in Love is such a beautiful feelings where desire and kindness mix together in one heart. That’s why there’s a saying that “Love is Blind”. You only can see the good from your partner since you love them as if they cast a spell on you. But if you are not sure about love, 10 illustrations from talented illustrator Yaoyao will help […] More