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    5 Logical Reasons on Why Your Kids Turn Into Bullies !!

    Hi Buzzers! Bullying is actually the oldest problem in our social system. Many studies were held to understand this barbaric behavior plus its solutions. But, rather than ended bullying seems to get more popular after the invention of internet and smartphones. The two are the best combination to do Cyberbullying. The shocking truth is the […] More

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    The Life of the Painter Vincent Van Gogh: Suicide or Homicide?

    The famous painter Vincent Van Gogh had been diagnosed with mental illness in 1890. His physician, Paul Ferdinand Gachet treat him with Digitalis purpura in 1890 to suppress Van Gogh’s epilepsy manic depression. These consumption of medicine was also believed to affect the tones of color in Van Gogh’s paintings. One of those is the […] More

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    3 Types of Stress in College and How to Handle it

    Hey Buzzer !! We all have experienced college stress, sometimes it is something that will motivate us more since stress is our body reaction to challenge. But, long hours task, academic expectations, tuition fee, and also thinking about how our future would be could be too much for us to handle. Not to mention we […] More