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    TOP 15 Messages Spread By People To Fight Islamophobia Show There's Hope in Humanity

    Buzzers, there is a saying that history will repeat itself and that’s what happens when a policy  is made to give a pressure to a certain group such as building walls and Muslim ban. The question is are those policies can create a good result? Is banning a certain group to enter a country or building walls will eliminate the problems? Like it or not […] More

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    5 Moslems who Won Nobel Peace Prize

    1. Ahmed H. Zewail Ahmed Zewail was born on 26 February 1946 in Damanhur, Egypt. He was studying in University in Alexandria and moved to the US to get his Ph.D. He was a chemist and studied on the chemical reaction which molecules held together by atoms meet and reorganize into new compounds. This transition can happen because of the atoms inside a molecule vibrate. […] More