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    Reasons on Why The Raccoon Climbs The UBS Building That You Need to Know!

    Today a raccoon steal a heart of people while it decided to Climb a skyscraper, UBS building in St. Paul in Minnesota. It really struggled to find out whether it should come down or just climbs more to the roof. Well, it decided to climbs up and then down the buildings but finally decided to go up. Luckily, the cute little fur got its way […] More

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    Impressive Internet of Things (IOT) Inventions

    1. Smarter Streets The smart technology is important, as it can improve the quality of life for everyone, and enable more people to live and work in the same area, with less of the pain that would normally be involved. TFL (Traffic for London) is using detection technology builds on the existing “SCOOT” (“Split Cycle Offset Optimisation Technique”) system that manages traffic light priority for […] More