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    Mind-Blowing Comparisons Between Old and New Technology

    We know we’ve come a long way with our technology, but sometimes looking at the past while looking at the present really. New technology making a mind-boggling change that made a big difference and big change to way the people use to do things in old days.                                     […] More

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    10 Beautiful Wittiest Granny Who Proves Age is Not Exist!

    1. I am a Granny with my Guitar Bunny but HeY Man I am not Your Honey!! 2. It’s Never too Old To Bring the Beat to the Dance Floor! 3. How Instagram Yoga Girls will look like in the next 50 years… 4. The Secret Life of Granny, They don’t age they just turn into a comic book. 5. Bestfriend is the magic potion […] More