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    TOP 20 Funniest Homecoming Proposals That Are Never Fail!!

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    Buzzer’s do you have a memorable memory in Homecoming? How do you propose a girl or a guy for hoco is matters a lot before homecoming! If you lack of the idea you can choose from our 20 funniest proposal which never fail! 1. I didn’t chicken out… 2. When her buns goes through your heart.. 3. One you taste it, you will love this […] More

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    Funny Thanksgiving Hacks You Should Probably Try Once in Your Life!

    Buzzers, it’s thanksgiving again! Have you give thanks to all your family? Well, we know someone probably do not deserve it lol but hey it’s tradition and blood is thicker than water! No matter how your family is, they have given you an opportunity to be in this world, to be you, and enjoy every opportunity that come to your life. Let’s say in short […] More

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    TOP 20 Oktoberfest Moments When Craziest Party Gone Wild!!

    Buzzers, Oktoberfest has become a festival that celebrated worldwide. This festivals has been an important part of Bavarian Culture. There are also various food stalls, attractions, and games. But, the most popular of course the large amount of Oktoberfest beer. Roughly there is 7.7 million litres of beers served.  Well, there is a thin line between enjoying the event and make it as an excuse […] More

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    Worst Stupidest 25 Images Shows Crazy People Party Hard!!


    Buzzers, we heard a saying “work hard party hard!”. But when is a party become too hard or even too inappropriate to do even in a Night Club?!! Well of course when you can’t walk straight, talk trash, or even do things just like these people below!! Always make sure you are still sober after party if you don’t want your face all around internet…it […] More

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    10 Most Extraordinary Rules in the UK You Must Follow!

    Hi Buzzer! After the enormous goal from Hary Kane in World Cup 2018, we will fall in love with the British for their unexpected surprise! As same as its citizen, the UK also has a lot of unexpected surprise in term of rules which you need to follow! Some of them even quite is the best 10! 1. Don’t beat A Rug! You are […] More