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    These Hyper Realistic Paintings captured Elegance Perfectly And It Will Blow Your Mind!

    Buzzers, We would like to give a shout out to Sergey Piskunov! He is an artist from Kiev, Ukraine. His skill in hyper realistic paintings are extremely beyond words. He paints beautifully with intricate details only a camera can capture. If you see his artworks below, you must be thinking that they were photographed. Below is actually his paintings which takes about 1 month  or […] More

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    Best Winter Photography of Christmas Town Around The World !!

    Buzzers, tis is the holy season….finally it only a day left to the most joyous Christmas! Tonight is the most wonderful time to gather with your loved ones and maybe strolling around your city a bit to feel the spirit of Noel. But, if your town lack of Christmas decorations, we have curated for you top 10 best winter photography of Christmas town around the […] More

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    TOP 20 Coolest Photos of Animals In Their Natural Environment

    Buzzers, how animals live in the wild will fascinate us. In their natural habitat they have a complex interaction that will perform what we know as an intricate food pyramid! But their life is not only as a predators or preys, animals also will teach us about beauty, strength, and love! That is why we give you top 20 coolest photos that will make us […] More

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    The Best Fall Destinations in United States

    Fall is typically the time when kids go back to school and grown-ups get back to work, meaning now is the time to find lower prices and fewer crowds along with more comfortable temperatures at many popular vacation destinations.  Everybody travels in the summer but only the most curious of travelers travels in the fall. The Blue Ridge Parkway The Blue Ridge Parkway is a […] More

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    Best Photography Spots in Amsterdam

    Looking the best spots in Amsterdam?  Here are some spots recommend to upload in your Instagram: 1. Jordaan The Jordaan is possibly the most famous neighborhood in the Netherlands. Arguably Amsterdam’s most famous neighborhood, the area contains an upscale assortment of art galleries, patio restaurants, cafes, and street musicians. 2. Prinseneiland Neighborhood The hidden neighborhood behind Centre is a gem for photographers. A lot of […] More

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    10 Optical Illusions that Makes You Need to Look Twice !!


    1. How many people in this picture? 2. You really need to slow down if you don’t want to bump into something. Well, actually you won’t bump into anything since this is painted 3 D Zebra cross in Iceland. 3. Can you count her fingers? 4. There’s no limit for fantasy as there’s no limit in happiness 5. Need to try this for our Summer vacation […] More