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    5 Famous Scientist and Their Hobbies You Might Not Know!

    1. James Clerk Maxwell He is one of the most influential scientists of the 19th century. His achievement was formulating the electromagnetic radiation. He succeeded in bringing together electricity and magnetism which also called as second great unification in physics. His hobby was writing poems. He had several poems that have been published too. Here is one of his poem : 2. Erwin Schrodinger Erwin […] More

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    5 Book Must Read for Your Kid's Education

    1. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein  The story of this book is simple but linger in our mind. There is a boy who has an apple tree in his yard. As time passed, the tree always fulfills what his needs..even until the end the tree still can find to give something for the boy. This book teaches children on what heartfelt and unconditional love […] More