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    These Top 30 Crazy Images Only Happen in Russia!!

    Buzzers, Have you visited Russia? Russia is famous for three things; Putin, Kalashnikov and the third is probably bizarre yet crazy things that only happen in Russia. This images spread around internet and will make you wonder about Russia. Aside from its communism, I think this could be a perfect land for Memes Lord 1. Russian definition of being a man. 2. Definition of […] More

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    Mario Hvala and Roberto Ferrel: Hair Tattoo Goes To World Cup Level!

    Mario Hvala and Roberto Ferrel are the best barbers to go if you want to have a hair tattoo. Well, not just an ordinary hair tattoo but also a piece of art! They could make a portrait tattoo using your hair plus their skillful hands. You can stop by at their barbershop and bring the photo of your favorite celebs, athlete, or whoever you like. […] More

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    Get Closer with Achilles: A Russian, A Cat, A Soothsayer for The World Cup!

    Achilles The White Cat will mesmerize everyone with its deep blue eyes and a little Miaw. His name is Achilles and he is a successor of Paul, a world’s famous Mollusc which also a soothsayer for the World Cup. A white cat with blue eyes has a hearing disability or deaf. Achilles also has the same problem, but his disability gives him another superpower called […] More