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    Is Birds & Animals more Romantic than Human’s

    Winter is approaching in some parts of world and our romantic bugs may lightin up bit. Our species is known for its displays of affection, whether it’s through hot air balloon ride proposals, or a simple act of handholding. However, romance is abundant in the animal kingdom as well. So, putting ourselves aside for a while, let’s look at the seven most romantic animals and […] More

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    Top Romantic Hotels in the United States

    If you daydream of a vacation for two, where cuddle-worthy digs, dramatic backdrops, and romantic cottages offer you a chance to cozy up to a sizzling fire pit, you should know that you don’t need to travel to ends of the earth, as the United States boasts plenty of dreamy properties where you can rekindle your love. Booking a romantic getaway doesn’t have to mean […] More

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    7 Most Beautiful Rooftop Bar in Paris to Capture Eiffel Tower at Night!!

    Hi Buzzers, have any weekend plan or just plan your trips to Paris? You aware that there is a regulation to not capture Eiffel tower at night right? Well, here is a tip; enjoy your magical Eiffel tower from these rooftop bars! A night out wouldn’t have feel better than this! 1. L’Oiseau Blanc L’oiseau Blanc or also translated as the White bird is a […] More