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    Top 15 Funny Golf Memes That You Should Share At The Golf Course!!

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    Buzzers, golf is a sport which players hit one single small ball into series of holes. In the old times, golf is only for “gentlemen only and women forbidden”…don’t know if it’s correlated with balls and hole or something else lol. The first Woman who first played this game is Mary Queen of Scotts and finally around 20th century this sport is not exclusive for […] More

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    The Funniest Formula 1 / F1 Moments Ever in history, You must see


    1 has always been a serious sport with arch rivalries between teams and drivers a like. Everyone likes to remain on their toes and hence the atmosphere is always very chilling and rather serious.   But  It’s not all grim always in the world of F1 after all. Here, we check out some of the funniest F1 moments in the sport’s history. FThe Funniest Moments Of 2018 So Far … there have been many […] More

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    Mario Hvala and Roberto Ferrel: Hair Tattoo Goes To World Cup Level!

    Mario Hvala and Roberto Ferrel are the best barbers to go if you want to have a hair tattoo. Well, not just an ordinary hair tattoo but also a piece of art! They could make a portrait tattoo using your hair plus their skillful hands. You can stop by at their barbershop and bring the photo of your favorite celebs, athlete, or whoever you like. […] More

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    Want to Live Longer !! Start Walking Fast

    Research by Aussie Scientists found thay, if you want to have longer life, you might want to try picking up the pace. People who walk fast tend to Live Longer. The researchers conducted the responses of more than 50,000 people to 11 surveys conducted in England and Scotland between 1994 and 2008. “Walking pace is associated with all-cause mortality risk, but its specific role – […] More

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    The 5 Tallest NBA Player in History

    1. Gheorghe Muresan Gheorghe Muresan or also called Ghita is the tallest NBA player in History. He is 7.7 feet inches or 2.31 meters. His position was as a center for Washington Bullets and New Jersey Nets. His NBA career is from 1991-2006. 2. Manute Bol The name Manute has a meaning as a special blessing for the Dinka Tribe, Sudan. Manute Bol along with […] More

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    The 5 Shortest NBA Player in History

    1. Muggsy Bogues (5.3 feet/ 1.60 m) Tyrone Curtis Bogues or also called Muggsy Bogues is the shortest NBA player in history. He played for four teams during his career as a point guard from 1987-2001. 2. Earl Boykins (5.5 feet/ 1.65m) Earl Boykins is the second shortest NBA player in history. He played as a point guard from 1999-2012. 3. Mel Hirsch (5.6 feet/ […] More

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    TOP 5 Countries with the Best Rugby Players in 2018

    1. New Zealand New Zealand has been eight years at the top world rugby rankings. No wonder since Rugby is a national sport. The team called themselves all blacks and has won two Rugby World Cups in 2011 and 2015. Credit: 2. Ireland Ireland rugby union team reflected the island of Ireland in rugby union. They won fourteen times in the Six Nations Championship. […] More