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    TOP 10 Worst Case of Lip Fillers Gone Wrong !!

    Buzzers, women has gone through a lot of pain trying to fit the beauty standard in every era. Just like when they try to make their hips as tiny as possible by using a corset. Well, for today’s world apparently cosmetic surgery has become a trend that last long. More over with Kylie Jenner lips challenge, women all over the world wish to have a […] More

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    Congenital Neuroproliferative Vestibulodynia: The Terror Women Afraid To Talk About

    A Topic about sexual health especially on women is rare and still considered taboo. Not so many scientific studies are conducted to know how women’s bodies work moreover if it’s about our sexual health. Even orgasm is still in grey areas..and believe me, porn is not your right source to understand it. Since every woman is different, it’s not only about sex or the different […] More

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    5 Health Factors Caused By Breast Implants that Women Should Know!

    Hi Buzzers! We all love a perfect image of ourselves and we are willing to go the extra mile to have it. From hitting the gyms every day and take any supplements, but what if our effort still not satisfy us? Well, women especially choose a cosmetic surgery to shape their body including their breasts. But, not all women are aware of the health risk […] More