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    Pool Disaster and Poop in Pools is more common than you may think

    Attention swimmers: More than half of the public pools tested in a new study contained bacterial evidence that someone may have pooped in the pool. Faecal matter isn’t the only body residue that can cause trouble in a pool. Urine and sweat contain nitrogen, which combines with free chlorine in the water to form compounds called di- and tri-chloramines that irritate the eyes and respiratory […] More

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    5 Backstory of Nowadays Sport

    1.Swimming In Britain, a competitive swimming emerged in the 1800s. When the first indoor swimming pool opened to the public in 1837, London had the swimming society and many swimming pools built in that time. Since it is very popular,  Swimming became one of the first modern Olympic games in 1896 in Athens. Credit: Photo by 2. History of Fencing Fencing was used to […] More