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    TOP 7 Dazzling Tourist Attractions in China

    Hi Buzzers!! China has more than palaces, It also offers unique attractions and diverse nature such as sand dunes and mountains! You will be amaze by the beauty of nature you will see here!! 1. Singing Sand Dunes The singing sand dunes is a unique tourist attraction in Dunhuang. If you slide on the sand […] More

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    10 Most Unique Things You Will Find Only in Japan

    Hi Buzzers!! Everybody already know that Japan is clean even the Koi fish live in a drainage. Japanese is also very discipline and organize…but they still have more than that, They have uniqueness that you can see and taste it with your own sense just like below! Happy reading, Buzzers!! 1. The best offering in […] More

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    Jiri Mountain : A South Korean Hidden Gem

    Many tourists travel to Korea because of recent spread of Korean Pop Culture. The  Gangnam and Seoul becomes the most visited cities in South Korea. But, if you are a truly adventurer at heart, you should try to hike the Jirisan or we know as Jiri Mountain. The mountain itself is the second-tallest mountain in […] More