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    These Top 25 Most Beautiful Truck Art Are A Reason To Visit Pakistan!

    Buzzers, have you ever travel to South Asia especially to Pakistan? Well, when you are there for the first time you will be shocked with many colorful and ornamented trucks that passing by. Believe it or not this eye-catching truck has become a tradition in Pakistan and every area has their own style. You will see floral, calligraphy, and paintings are painted with strong vivid […] More

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    TOP 30 Hilarious Things that Only Happen in Ireland!!

    Buzzers, Ireland is a country with beautiful nature and great adventure! But if you stay too long,  you probably get the weirdest experiences that only happens there! Your mind might thinking “woohoo okay….which part of the world that I live in again? Oh Ireland!!”. Well, but not all fact it’s quite exciting!! So Buzzers, here is top 30 things that only happen in Ireland! […] More

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    Most Amazing Places You Need To Visit in Silk Route Countries!! – Part 1

    Hi Buzzers, lots of things we can learn from history. One of it is how ancient people do trading which give the country a wealthy economy. The famous historical trade route from 2nd century BC until 14th century AD is the silk route! Silk route got its name because of the heavy silk trade in that time. It also facilitate the trading of spices, garments, […] More

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    10 Surprising Facts of New Jersey You Should Know

    1. The capital of car theft in the world is in North Jersey. A lot of cars being stolen in Newark than any other city. 2. The diner capital of the world is in New Jersey. The state has lots of classic dinners you could find anywhere…I guess we shouldn’t afraid of being hungry, Buzzers!! 3. The tallest water tower in the world you could […] More

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    Fahombo : What You Need to Know about This Traditional Sport

    1. Fahombo is a mixture of sport and ritual belongs to Nias people in North Sumatra, Indonesia. 2. Fahombo is believed to exist since Megalithic era. In the past sport was part of the ritual and not as a leisure entity. 3. At first, this sport was designated for men who will become a warrior since at those time war is likely to happen between […] More

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    "Miraculous Taiwan through its Vibrant Village"

    The fast-paced development in a country should give a little extra sacrifice. Most of these sacrifices are in the form of plots of land. The land is needed to build the majestic tall buildings and the facilities surround it. Then, how the government could get this land? Well usually the government will give compensation for the residents and they move to other places. But, it’s […] More