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    Top 15 Funniest Brexit Signs That Will Tickle Your Fancy !!!

    Buzzers, people always find a creative yet funny words to express themselves and their dissatisfaction about politics and certain events such as Brexit! We still remember how the idea break the heart of the people of Britain. The anti Brexit campaign was held to rethink the decision. People go out in the streets to show how they love to remain in European Union with funniest […] More

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    TOP 20 Funniest #10yearschallenge Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile!

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    Buzzers, do you involve in #10years challenge? Well, mostly people put their old and newest photos but some people want to criticize more deeply. It’s true that in 10 years many things have changed such as beauty trend, music, or even your relationship status? I think the last one bit hard since once you go single you will never want to go mingle lol. So […] More

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    TOP 20 Funny Pictures When Peta Protesters Is Too Sexy To Handle!

    Buzzers, care for the sustainability of other living being such as animals are a good thing to do. No animals are worth dying in a cruel way especially if it will make them goes extinct in the future.  Peta has been around for years to create a change in how we treat animals in more humane way, but lately their campaigns create a debate. One […] More

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    TOP 15 Grotesque Mailboxes in The Whole World !!

    Hi Buzzers, Do you realize that your home will tell a lot about you? And that’s not limited to the appearance of your mailboxes!! In this list below, you will find a grotesque yet creative mailboxes in the whole world!! The owner must be someone who is witty and anti-mainstream…could be also a serial killer…who knows?!  1. The mailman seems to be always late… 2. […] More

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    TOP 20 Funniest Absurd Signs You Will Find in London!

    Buzzers, We always get excited to explore a new city and get a new experience. But, what if we find something absurd yet amusing at the same time? Surely it will make us giggles! Just like when these travelers found an absurd yet hilarious sign in London! Here is the Top 20 you need to check out!! 1. Just STAHP!! 2. Who can relate? 3. […] More

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    TOP 10 Unique Crooked House Around The World

    Buzzers, every cities have a beautiful and unique architecture that become the essence of a country. Just like when we heard the word “crooked house”, we will remember a building with unique “crooked” Krzywy domek architecture in Sopot, Poland or the Crooked house of Windsor in England. These two have drawn a lot of tourists to the country and become a landmark of the country. We […] More

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    TOP 20 Falling Star Challenge With a Humorous Twist

    Buzzers, millennials always can create some new trend even in social media. The falling star challenge is one of the most popular challenge spreading all around the world and in so many of social media platforms. First designed as a tool for rich Russian flaunt their branded and hedonist lifestyle, now common people doesn’t want to lose their chance participating in this challenge. The hashtag […] More

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    TOP 10 Most Bizarre Marriage Laws Around The World!!

    Hi Buzzers!! If you want to get married while traveling probably you should be more careful since some country comes with unexpected marriage laws!! To know more about this marriage laws around the world, check this out.. 1. If you get married in Hong Kong, Your life could be like Mr. & Mrs. Smith! Your wife will be busy find a way to kill you […] More

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    10 Excitement Before The Match England VS Croatia

    Hi Buzzers!! So excited for today’s game, who do you think will win? Well England already all out in the first 13 minutes. Score is 0-1, but the winner still hasn’t decided yet! Enjoy the game with some trivia from us!! 1. Girls Which is more exciting England’s win or Channing Tatum get naked? 2. Hope there is no war after this Lol 3. Chanting […] More

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    7 Unique Places to Enjoy Your Afternoon Tea like a Londoner

    1. Tea and Tattle Tea and Tattle is a tea shop that attached to the bookstore. The shop located in 41 Great Russel Street, London. Tea and tattle have various selection of tea and the popular one is their scones. The tea room is tiny and simple but give me homesick. It doesn’t feel like you are in different part of the world with different […] More

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    5 Best Travel Apps to Enhance your Travel Experience!

    1. Tourlina For you women who loves to travel solo, this app knows sometimes you’re tired of going solo and need a friend to stroll around the city. Well, if you are not really keen to be accompanied by a male traveller because sometimes you only need a sister figure. Someone who can tell you what tampons brand is better, best hair spa in town […] More

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    10 Most Extraordinary Rules in the UK You Must Follow!

    Hi Buzzer! After the enormous goal from Hary Kane in World Cup 2018, we will fall in love with the British for their unexpected surprise! As same as its citizen, the UK also has a lot of unexpected surprise in term of rules which you need to follow! Some of them even quite is the best 10! 1. Don’t beat A Rug! You are […] More

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