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    TOP 11 Funny GIFS That Only College Girls Will Understand

    Buzzers, Life in college has started again after New Years holiday. Even though it can be hard sometimes to balance between your social life and studying, always keep in mind that everything will be paid off later on. To have a college degree is one of the privilege that not all people can have. College also full of colors, we start to be more mature […] More

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    These 7 Extraordinary College Major Are Guaranteed To Not Make You Bored!

    Hi Buzzers! Are you confuse which major you should take next year? Well, good news is science has evolved! Now, it’s not that boring anymore! How that possible? Well check our list below and give your  comment! 1. Memes Major Memes…We use it as a new way in joking with friends, being critical, send our ideas or views! There is lots of new memes per […] More

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    7 Skills You Need to Have in College Besides Study!

    Buzzers, what do you think about college’s life? Some of you probably will be thinking about the dorm, college party, or a Summa Cum Laude you are willing to achieve. That is why college students sometimes too busy socializing or too busy studying. Well I must say both are not good for you, as a college student you should not focus only studying or socializing…but […] More