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    TOP 20 Funniest #10yearschallenge Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile!

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    Buzzers, do you involve in #10years challenge? Well, mostly people put their old and newest photos but some people want to criticize more deeply. It’s true that in 10 years many things have changed such as beauty trend, music, or even your relationship status? I think the last one bit hard since once you go single you will never want to go mingle lol. So […] More

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    7 Substantial Facts in Juneteenth Independence Day!!

    1. Juneteenth day is an American holiday that celebrates the day on 19th June 1985 where it’s announced the abolition of slavery in the U.S State of Texas as well as emancipation throughout confederacy of the Southern United States. 2. The emancipation proclamation is actually shouted by President Lincoln on 22 September 1862. It became effective on 1st January 1963. 3. But, Texas is like […] More

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    10 Incredible Rules Traveler Need To Know Before Visiting Singapore

    Hi Buzzers, Singapore is a wonderful country, look at their airport, gardens by the bay which captivating our eyes. Moreover, just recently Singapore became a country that hosts US President Donald Trump and North Korean President Kim Jong-un known as Trump-Kim Summit. By doing so, Singapore has strengthened its role in the world of peace and security. Singapore also brings a new history which we […] More

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    10 Surprising Facts of New Jersey You Should Know

    1. The capital of car theft in the world is in North Jersey. A lot of cars being stolen in Newark than any other city. 2. The diner capital of the world is in New Jersey. The state has lots of classic dinners you could find anywhere…I guess we shouldn’t afraid of being hungry, Buzzers!! 3. The tallest water tower in the world you could […] More

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    7 Facts of Panda : A World's Heritage Animal

    Who doesn’t know this cute large animals ? It’s a Panda and everybody adore this sweet funny creature. Panda which in Chinese meaning Big Bear Cat is a bear with white and black patches around its ear, eye, hands and body. I always imagine them as a big guy with a black crop trop and long black trousers :). To know this amazing creature more, […] More

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    Sengai Gibon: An Interconnection between Simplicity and Zen

    Sengai Gibon was a Japanese monk from Edo period in 1750 until 1837. He became a head abbot of Shofuku-Ji at Hakata, North Kyushu. He was famous at that time for his Sumi-e painting; a painting that uses black ink and a brush which only high educational men can do. He also well known for his simple life such as being compassionate, wearing black monk’s […] More