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    7 Lovely Travel Gems You Should Visit in Spain

    1. Cies Islands White sands, crystal water, spectacular lagoon and greeny trees? Welcome to Cies Island in Galicia. The beauty of this island is very famous even the Romans said Cies islands as the islands of Gods. You can get there by ferry from Vigo, Cangas, and Baiona. For daily trips the ferry is available from June to September. 2. Playa de los cocedores de San Juan […] More

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    8 Cheapest Hidden Gems For Your Summer Vacation in June to August

    1. Mentawai Islands Mentawai located in West Sumatra, Indonesia. It is famous for white sandy beaches and challenging wave. One of the famous waves is Hollow trees or HT’s in short or Lance Right. This wave is one of the finest and most consistent fasts, barreling right-handers in the world. So, for you who loves to surf but already feel bored with crowded touristy places […] More

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    The 5 Oldest & Greatest Bridge in the World

    Hi, Buzzers!! Do you know that there are oldest bridges in the world that are still in use today? Some even built in 3,000 years ago. Next time when you travel to these countries you could visit those bridges too. Happy reading! 🙂 1. Arkadiko Bridge, Greece This bridge was built in Greek Bronze Age. The structure showed that the bridge was built for chariots […] More

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    17 Wonderful Photos You Must See of Little Blue City in Tunisia

    Sidi bou said is the city painted with colors  resembles the magnificent of deep blue sea. It is located in Northern Tunisia, about 20 km from the capital city, Tunis. The town itself painted with blue and white colors made this town known as one of the Blue cities in the world. The street is full of steps and narrow road. That’s why it is […] More