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    TOP 25 Most Spooky Halloween Decorations Spotted in USA!!

    Buzzers, are you the ones who go dark when it’s all about Halloween? Will you give 100% effort to make this October Halloween unforgettable? Just like our favorite country, America, which make Halloween day as a big day!! You won’t ever get bored in strolling around every inches in the cities! New York has the best citizen in decorating their houses with spooky stuff, but […] More

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    Look For A Halloween Costume for Your Dog? These Top 10 Dogs Could Inspire You!


    Buzzers, Halloween will come soon! Have you ever prepared a Halloween costume for your dogs? If you haven’t, these top 10 dogs could be your inspiration!! They bring the spooky, fun and cool vibes on Halloween day! Let’s check this out! #1. A Zombie Husky. Will you run if you see him? #2. Two cute little casper… #3. This is how you should paint your […] More

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    7 Strange Myth That Occurs When It's Blood Moon

    Hi Buzzers, Prepare yourself to see the magnificent phenomenon Super Blood Moon on 27th July 2018. Different from a solar eclipse, super blood moon can be seen with a naked eye! It also can be viewed from every part of the world. But Buzzers, do you know that there is several myths surrounded a blood moon? To know more here’s 7 myth that occurs when […] More