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    These Are The TOP 20 Weirdest Lady Gaga Fashion Fails Throughout The Years!

    Buzzers, Lady Gaga Enigma Show rocks the Vegas with her futuristic alien dress. It was a wonderful and amazing performance at the Park Theater brought by Stefanni Joanne Angelina Germanotta or we all know as Lady Gaga. Her eccentric and weirdest side has been a public consumption throughout the years and she also not afraid to wear it everywhere at anytime! Just like when she […] More

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    TOP 20 Fashion Fails You Should Never Ever Wear!

    Buzzers, Who doesn’t want to look chic and fabulous in their clothes? We yearned so hard to be the most fashionable but sometimes it turns out to be a fashion disaster! Well, not every style suits you dear! Let’s take a look from the mistake these people made below and never ever wear that!  #1. When you use your top backwards #2. Nude Bodysuit is […] More

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    These Top 25 Photos From Spring Summer 2019 Fashion Week Will Make You Wonder About Your Taste

    Buzzers, Just recently all fashionista has the fanciest event ever…It’s a Spring Summer 2019 Fashion Week. But, do you know that runway and fashion week could be the trickiest thing? Here’s Top 25 photos that will make you wonder!! 1. When A torn pants is called fashion.. 2. It’s Halloween and you decided to look like a Pumpkin. 3. This fashion called “Don’t touch me, […] More