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    TOP 10 Beautiful Cookies Inspiration For Your Wedding Day!!

    Buzzers, girls have their own dream wedding and they always want their wedding day to be special. Let’s be honest that wedding is not as simple as “I do” anymore but wedding is a reflection of the couple’s personality and dreams. That is why they take long time to decide the wedding dress, venue, and decorations! Not to forget also the food menu for the […] More

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    Buzzers, These Are Top 7 Toilet Papers That Shocked The World!!

    Hi Buzzers!! Lots of things in this world can shock us, but have you ever imagined that toilet paper can be the biggest thing ever?? Well even though toilet paper is something that “soo ordinary”, it creates events that shocked the world! Do you want to know what are they?? Just scroll down below! 1. Edelweiss, toilet paper for Nazi!! Edelweiss toilet paper became a […] More