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    The Worst 21 events of Bad Luck That You Prayed Won't Happen in Your Life!

    Buzzers, our life sometimes give us lemons! But, you should to worry because you are not the only one who have a bad day! Some people even have a day worst than you! So keep in mind that eventually your sun will shine meanwhile you can laugh at this 21 events of bad luck that lucky not happening in your life….at least for now ;)! […] More

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    TOP 26 Ridiculous Yet Horrific Christmas Photo That You Will Look Eww!!

    Buzzers, how’s your December so far? Hopefully in this spirit of holy month, you will get what you always dream for. If not, well don’t be sad…here we will entertain you with top 25 ridiculous yet horrific Christmas photos!! Buzzers, you can laugh at it or get an inspiration for your next Christmas card from these weirdest Christmas family photos…enjoy!! 1. Ho…Ho…Ho…somebody please give me […] More

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    TOP 20+ Things That Weirdest Single People Do!!

    Buzzers, people are weird but not as weird as single people! Their weirdness have reached an ultra level. Leaving alone in a isolation of a “single” status will make people get too comfy about themselves! Also, not to forget they tend to have a wild yet vivid imagination of being in a “relationship”. If you want to know whether your friends single or not then […] More

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    TOP 12 Pictures of Being "Possessive" Has Gone Too Far

    Buzzers, we all have this feeling of wanting and owning something that is only for us. Yes, it’s called being possessive and not all bad actually. But, if it’s gone too far and unreasonable like these people and animal below then you will see there is a very thin line about being possessive and crazy….check this out! #1. When you be possessive  to create a […] More

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    TOP 20 Images Shows Sleeping Cats Are Weirdos!

    Buzzers, Cats are another “unexplained” living thing in the world after women! They seems to live by their own rule, but do their mystery and weirdness stop when they fell asleep? Of course Not! Cats are weirdos and they proud of it even when they are sleeping! Here is the top 20 images that will make us chuckle! 1. When your cat was a Monk […] More

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    TOP 20 Quirky Weird Couples Images Shows Love is For Everyone!

    Buzzers when we are in love we accept our girlfriend or boyfriend completely. We become one and unite in what everybody said “a relationship”. Some people will have an amazing and flawless relationship until at some point they know each other better then start showing the quirkiness and weirdest part of themselves. Some people can’t put up with this but some can, that’s what makes […] More

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    TOP 15 Grotesque Mailboxes in The Whole World !!

    Hi Buzzers, Do you realize that your home will tell a lot about you? And that’s not limited to the appearance of your mailboxes!! In this list below, you will find a grotesque yet creative mailboxes in the whole world!! The owner must be someone who is witty and anti-mainstream…could be also a serial killer…who knows?!  1. The mailman seems to be always late… 2. […] More

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    TOP 30 Hilarious Things that Only Happen in Ireland!!

    Buzzers, Ireland is a country with beautiful nature and great adventure! But if you stay too long,  you probably get the weirdest experiences that only happens there! Your mind might thinking “woohoo okay….which part of the world that I live in again? Oh Ireland!!”. Well, but not all fact it’s quite exciting!! So Buzzers, here is top 30 things that only happen in Ireland! […] More

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    These TOP 21 Bizarre Pictures Shows Airport Is In The Other Dimension!!

    Buzzers, public places like an airport sometimes bring their own “universe” because weird, bizarre, and funny things love to happen there! If you look closer you will find you are with the aliens or yourself is the “alien” lol. So, are you ready to see the bizarre airport fail? Just check this article below and if you ever have an airport fail too just give […] More

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    TOP 10 Weirdest Way in Greeting Someone Then and Now!

    Hi Buzzers! Let’s be honest that every country has their weird sides and greetings could be one of it! Before we know the universal handshake, Greetings is something hard to understand. Lucky we don’t need to be Indiana Jones to experience it, since the early form of greetings is written in the book “One Kiss or Two: The Art of Science of Saying Hello” by […] More

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    TOP 10 Things You Should Not Do in Canada !!

    Hi Buzzers!! Do you know what you should not do while you are in Canada? Apparently Canada has weird rules on what you should not do there. But hey..knowing those rules is better than go to jail or pay a fine! So here’s top 10 things you shouldn’t do in Canada.. 1. Do Not Swear in a Public Park! Well swearing has became our daily […] More

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    10 Oddest Sex Laws You Could Find in America!

    1. No Female wearing a night gown can be taken for a flight on a private plane!! So girls better you wear casual, just in case! 2. No Moose is allowed to have sex in the city street in Fairbanks, Alaska! Hmm…do they speak our language tho? 3. In Bakersfield-California there is a strict rule on who you get screwed to since anyone having sex […] More

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