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    TOP 20 Funny Pictures When Peta Protesters Is Too Sexy To Handle!

    Buzzers, care for the sustainability of other living being such as animals are a good thing to do. No animals are worth dying in a cruel way especially if it will make them goes extinct in the future.  Peta has been around for years to create a change in how we treat animals in more humane way, but lately their campaigns create a debate. One […] More

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    These TOP 30 Funny Pictures Of People Just Go Silly in Winter Will Make You Laugh!!

    Buzzers, Winter is a challenging weather. Sometimes snow storm can hit you at anytime. Well, with that heavy snow most of us prefer to wear layers of clothes or just stay at home while sipping our afternoon tea! But, that’s not the case for these funny people below! They just go silly in winter and show us that winter is just another summer! Look at […] More

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    Kawaii Japanese: TOP 10 Facts of Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrels Will Melt Your Heart!!

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    Buzzers, Japanese is a land of kawaii and also the animals in it!! Japan also give these kawaii animals a beautiful homes even islands!! As in bunny rabbit island and cat’s island, where more bunnies and cats than the people who live there. Sounds like a heaven? Well then don’t miss out this famous Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrels….the appearance of this squirrel exactly like come […] More

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    10 Deepest Facts of Baikal Lake for All Globetrotters!

    Hi Buzzers!! Baikan lake is one of the oldest lake in the world. This lake in Russia is worth a visit for all globe Trotter in the world!! You will find various natural and supernatural phenomenon which will make you in awe!! Check this out and keep it in your bucket list! 1. Lake Baikal in Southern Part of Russia is the World’s deepest and […] More