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    10 Oddest Sex Laws You Could Find in America!

    1. No Female wearing a night gown can be taken for a flight on a private plane!! So girls better you wear casual, just in case! 2. No Moose is allowed to have sex in the city street in Fairbanks, Alaska! Hmm…do they speak our language tho? 3. In Bakersfield-California there is a strict rule on who you get screwed to since anyone having sex […] More

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    7 Most Bizarre Beauty Trends For Women!

    1. Face Tape Some women feel insecure about their chubby cheeks! So many women try to find a way on how to make it more thin. When surgery is too expensive, high risk without an instant result, there is only one answer; face tape! You will pull excessive skin from your face and tape it to give a thinner result then cover it with make […] More

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    5 Health Factors Caused By Breast Implants that Women Should Know!

    Hi Buzzers! We all love a perfect image of ourselves and we are willing to go the extra mile to have it. From hitting the gyms every day and take any supplements, but what if our effort still not satisfy us? Well, women especially choose a cosmetic surgery to shape their body including their breasts. But, not all women are aware of the health risk […] More

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    7 Medical Conditions Which Often Goes Undiagnosed in Pregnant Women

    “A Mother to be” as a Woman we really fascinated by this title. We start imagining how our babies look like their little face and tiny hands. It is really a remarkable experience for us. Sometimes we carried away by the joyful feelings and think everything is okay so we tend to miss out some health indications in our body. Especially, for women who are […] More

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    15 Funny Illustration in being A Woman !!

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    Lucky us as a Woman !!! Our world is so colorful from new makeup, hairdos, girl’s talk and the small private yet silly things which we can share with our close ones. No boring Life, be a woman is about to embrace all opportunities ahead !! These illustrations made by ari_stocrate depicts perfectly how diverse the woman’s life are. Enjoy Buzzers and let me know […] More

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    5 Noble Women with Mental Illness in History

    1. Princess Alexandra Amalie of Bavaria Princess Alexandra Amalie of Bavaria was born in Schloss Johannisburg in Aschaffenburg. She was the fifth daughter of King Ludwig I of Bavaria. She was excellent in literature and devoted herself to it but contrary to her skill she suffered from a Psychological problem such as delusional and obsessive-compulsive disorder where she extraordinary paid attention to cleanliness and only […] More