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    Congenital Neuroproliferative Vestibulodynia: The Terror Women Afraid To Talk About

    A Topic about sexual health especially on women is rare and still considered taboo. Not so many scientific studies are conducted to know how women’s bodies work moreover if it’s about our sexual health. Even orgasm is still in grey areas..and believe me, porn is not your right source to understand it. Since every woman is different, it’s not only about sex or the different […] More

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    15 Funny Illustration in being A Woman !!

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    Lucky us as a Woman !!! Our world is so colorful from new makeup, hairdos, girl’s talk and the small private yet silly things which we can share with our close ones. No boring Life, be a woman is about to embrace all opportunities ahead !! These illustrations made by ari_stocrate depicts perfectly how diverse the woman’s life are. Enjoy Buzzers and let me know […] More