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    TOP 10 Coolest Old Cosplayers Who Live Their Life To The Fullest!

    Hi Buzzers! Do you ever wonder how to live your life when you get old? Or maybe you start to be more serious and think negatively about life? Well, it’s all only in your mind Buzzers!! These Top 10 people below prove that you still can live your life out of the ordinary and boundaries! Just be yourself and never afraid to do something extraordinary […] More

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    The Worst 21 events of Bad Luck That You Prayed Won't Happen in Your Life!

    Buzzers, our life sometimes give us lemons! But, you should to worry because you are not the only one who have a bad day! Some people even have a day worst than you! So keep in mind that eventually your sun will shine meanwhile you can laugh at this 21 events of bad luck that lucky not happening in your life….at least for now ;)! […] More

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    10 Beautiful Wittiest Granny Who Proves Age is Not Exist!

    1. I am a Granny with my Guitar Bunny but HeY Man I am not Your Honey!! 2. It’s Never too Old To Bring the Beat to the Dance Floor! 3. How Instagram Yoga Girls will look like in the next 50 years… 4. The Secret Life of Granny, They don’t age they just turn into a comic book. 5. Bestfriend is the magic potion […] More