The 5 Top Scorer who are Predicted to Win World's Cup Golden Boot

World’s Cup Golden boot is awaiting, Buzzers! and we have seen the hottest competition in the field. When Portugal was a bit behind with Score 2-3 but in the last minutes Christiano Ronaldo make a perfect shoot with last score 3-3..just amazing!! The game brought our feelings up and down! So, who will win the World’s Cup Golden Boot and received a title as World’s Cup Top scorer? We need to leave the result till the end of the game but here’s some prediction…

1. Christiano Ronaldo

Christiano Ronaldo plays fantastically with 3 goals during this 2018 world cup.

Christiano Ronaldo

2. Lionel Messi

Even though he had made a decision to retire in 2016 when Argentina lost the Copa America final. Lionel Messi back to action in 2018 world cup and this could be his last chance to bring Argentina as a winner while also proving his nationalism despite critistism among media outside.

Lionel Messi

3. Mohamed Salah

Everyone seems to love Mohamed Salah since he plays with eagerness that resulted in 43 goals in 47 games this past season. But, he got an shoulder injury which probably a bit affecting his performance in the world cup. As we can see, Mohamed Salah didn’t play yet last Friday. Egypt lost from Uruguay but this is not the end…we predict he will give his astonishing performance again in the 2018 World Cup.

Mohamed Salah

4. Hary Kane

Hary Kane from England is ranked 3 of the most valuable player according to He made 30 goals during 2017-2018 premier league. Let’s watch if he can score more in the 2018 World Cup!

Hary Kane

5. Thomas Muller

Thomas Muller won the golden boot as the tournament’s top scorer in 2010 World Cup. He scored 5 goals and three assist. This made Germany received the third position. In 2014 World Cup, he also played beautifully and scored five goals and received silver boot. Will 2018 become his journey to put his name in World Cup history again?

Thomas Muller

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