These 11 People Show "How To Pose With A Statue" and It is Hilarious!!

Hi Buzzers, maybe you realized that we have quite lots of statue in our country. Statues are a form of public art to support ideas such as historical, moral, or religious concepts. Some statues are independent & getting famous among tourist. Tourists love to take a picture and share it in social media, but these pictures they shared below will make you stunned by their level of creativity in posing!!

1. Home run??

2. When you try to skip your first day in Uni…

3. When a Statue looks like your Ex

4. How imaginary friends look like.

5. What’s written there, kid?

6. How to show to your girlfriend you are a daddy material…

7. When you think Uni is boring but your sister send you this picture…

8. When you are single for too long..

9. I think she has found her sugar daddy lol

10. Dad, I found Goldilocks!!

11. Dad..I think Goldilocks has too much testosterone!!

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