These 7 Extraordinary College Major Are Guaranteed To Not Make You Bored!

Hi Buzzers! Are you confuse which major you should take next year? Well, good news is science has evolved! Now, it’s not that boring anymore! How that possible? Well check our list below and give your  comment!

1. Memes Major

Memes…We use it as a new way in joking with friends, being critical, send our ideas or views! There is lots of new memes per day. A professor in UC Berkeley even said that meme is the future and whoever master “memery” can master the world. Meme has become a very specific type of expression that building relationship between adolescent.

2. Bowling industry management and technology

If you love bowling this could be a great thing for you! You will learn about bowling industry including the management, maintenance, operations and much more. You can get the degree from Vincennes University in Indiana, USA.

3. Adventure Education

Adventure education is for you who don’t like being in a classroom and prefer to roam the world. If you are an Instagrammer this major will give you a lot of advantage too. You can apply at Plymouth State University.

4. Golf Management

You can be a specialist in golf areas and the course only take about two years! You can get the degree at Golf Academy of America in California.

5. Aging Science

If you are good and have a big heart to take care of older people then you need to study at Ithaca College. This college offers a degree in aging science which will help you to know better about the health issues and biology related to aging. With this degree you can be a care giver or a consultant for women who afraid to age.

6. Surf Science and Technology

Buzzers, if you look at this major in a hope that it can teach you how to surf then no…this is not “the one” for you! But, if you want to work in a big companies such as Billabong or want to establish your own then you come to the right place. You can get a degree in Surf Science and Technology from Cornwall College.

7. Wildlife Major

Always get amused when you go to the zoo? Wish to work in a zoo or in a wildlife rehabilitation centre? then you need to take this wildlife major at Humbolt State University! You will get a course at conservation biology, wildlife policy and much more!

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