These 7 Habbits Are Dangerous To Your Health !

1. Too Much Sleeping

Who doesn’t love to sleep? Well a study conducted by University of California and the American Cancer Society said too much sleeping might kill you. The study found people who sleep eight hours 12% more likely to die within the six years period. The causes can be many but it is believed that unhealthy lifestyle such as too much sleep increase higher risk of obesity or sleep apnea.

2. Holding Back Sneezing

Sometimes we feel it is inappropriate to sneeze in certain occasion but you might change your mind after this. Holding back sneezing can rupture your throat, damage your ear and burst a brain aneurysm also several complications which in rare cause can cause to death. A man in Britain needed to be hospitalized because of rupture throat and fed by a tube through his nose after he holding back sneezing. Hmm Now I know why after sneezing people said “God Bless you!”

3. Holding Back Urine

Do you know that adult’s bladder can hold only 2 cups of pee? If you hold it too long and make this as your habit you’re in a high risk for an infection. The death of a Danish astronomer, Enter Tycho Brahe is a famous example for this. In the 16th century he believed holding back to go to pee is a form of etiquette. But after he came home, he found that he can’t pee at all, he descended into delirium and die after his bladder burst.

4. Popping Pimples and Blackheads

We know this is a nasty but fun thing to do. Popping pimples and blackheads especially with poor equipment, just using hands and unsterilized equipment especially in the danger triangle zone can give a risk of infections. You can lose your vision or death. The reason is the triangle around your nose have nerves that go directly to your brain, so if you have an infection it will goes directly to your brain too.

5. Biting Your Nails

Well besides this is a gross habit to have, biting your nail can make bacterias such as salmonella and E. Coli goes to your mouth. While in mild case it will cause you abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Long term case it can cause paronychia. Paronychia is an infection that give pain and puss in your fingers. You can also get HPV virus, it creates warts which will spread to your lips and mouth.

6. Taking too much caffeine

Caffeine…I love caffeine!! Lol. Well when we heard about caffeine our mind goes to coffee but caffeine is a substance that is not only found in coffee but also energy drinks, tea, powder, chocolate and tablets. When study shows people body has different reaction some amount of caffeine can kill you. The lethal dose of caffeine is 10 grams. Caffeine toxicity can lead to seizures, increased blood acid levels and irregular heartbeats. Food and Chemical toxicology found that 14 people in 26 reports resulted in death.

7. Changing your Hair color

According to American Cancer Society, a substance in hair colors called carcinogen can cause cancer. They conducted studies in people who frequently uses hair dye regularly and people who work with hair dye and get exposed regularly. The study shows they found a small but consistent amount of increasing health problems such as bladder cancer, and leukemias and lymphomas cancer. Besides cancer, if you don’t be careful, you might have allergic to certain substances in hair dye that can lead you to death.

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