These Are TOP 21 Weirdest Creepy Cats Ever Live!!

Buzzers, cats are not always cute! Sometimes they can be creepy and weird! These cats live a thug life, they born in it and molded by it! The darkness is their ally until one naive human comes and put them in their homes. Therefore, the human officially a servant to these cats! These are top 21 weirdest yet creepiest cats ever live !! Beware…

1. This Cat is squatting like a Mad Rusky

2. What a Bossy cat!

3. Is this how a blow dry should be?

4. This Cat is judging every miserable life decision you make

5. When that toona on SALE!!

6. How he judges your poor tasteless vegetarian diet…

7. A Cat or An alien??

8. When you forget to gave him that treat so he acts like “I don’t want to live anymore!”

9. Where do you think this cat get his haircut?

10. Pervert Cat is Pervert….

11. When your cat is trying to give you a heart attack…

12. “Why are you crying in a bathroom like a sissy? get up and clean your a*s!!” – Bro-Cat

13. How heaven looks like in the cat’s bible

14. You know your cat is on drugs when you found him like this!

15. Waiting to conqueror the world in 3,2,1…

16. When a Cat has a better selfie than you..

17. A Yakuza meowmber…

18. Cat is smart!

19. When your just found out the use of a highlighter…

20. Let hooman do the work and scoop my poop while I am chilling…

21. Pssst…..I have Xmas discount for catnip..

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