These Magical Tattooes Only Potterheads Will Understand (25 Photos)

Buzzers, do you still remember the story of an orphan who destined to be a young wizard? Yup!! It’s Harry Potter!! This fantasy novel chronicle has captured the heart of the people. Everytime a new book published, it always be a best seller. No wonders if Harry Potter has loyal fans around the world and those fans sacrifice some part on their skin to show their love of this book!! They made the coolest yet magical symbolic tattoo which taken from Harry Potter’s books or movies! So if you are a Harry Potter fans, can you understand the meaning of these Harry Potter tattoo?

#1. 9 3/4 platform

#2. Marauders map

#3. Harry potter

#4. Hogwarts House Mascots

Ravenclaw, Griffyndor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff



#5. Prof. Severus Snape quote

#6. Deathly Hallows

#7. The Dark Mark

#8. Dobby House Elf

#9. Harry Potter’s Book star

#10. Magical Potion


Felix Felicis


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