These People Show TOP 10 Life Hacks To Tackle #ForeverAlone

Hi Buzzers, are you the ones who hard to find a date? Well, even though many apps in 2018 designed for us to get socializing or dating but all that seems doesn’t work at all. Why is that so? Hmm maybe right now people just enjoyed being alone or they have found some ways to tackle loneliness. As a result, they don’t need to get involved in a love drama relationship which can waste their time! Want to know how? Well these top 10 Life Hacks can be your way out from feeling #foreveralone

1. You set a high expectation for your girlfriend? Cute, slim, small, submissive, bigger eyes just like an anime? Then an anime pillow should be a great substitute for you!

2. Tired in a relationship roller coasters? When you need a hand to hold but he is not there? Then this holding case could be a loyal boyfriend for you…this hand always ready to hold you anytime anywhere!

3. Your wife or girlfriend too busy? Try this thigh cushion where you can get comfort by sleeping on a women’s lap.

4. Live alone and too afraid to kiss someone and get rejected? Well not anymore! You can use this kissing cushion to practice before you get a real boyfriend!

5. With this hugging chair, you will feel you get a 24 hours boyfriend who will always share his warmth with you!

6. Want a boyfriend that is cool, cold, handsome, and a Hollywood star? Well Robert Pattinson cushion will be ready to be your one and only!

7. Didn’t find a girl to take to a dance class? Use your brain and create a perfect robot girlfriend!

8. Who said you need a significant other to talk about love, life, or the universe? Get yourself this book and you will know your cat has so much to tell you! (Hope he didn’t ask for more Tuna!!)

9. Everybody take pictures with their beloved?? Well you can do too by a bit creativity just like this guy below! Only needs a long wig, and hot pose!!

10. No Shave November will be a thing among every #foreveralone people or you can do this trick to feel less lonely. Just shave one part of your legs and let the other hairy…there you go…you have found yourself “a man”.

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