These Pictures Prove Everything in Life is Better With Dogs!

Hi Buzzers, do you have pets at home?  Are you a Cat lover or Dog lovers? Well, to be honest Doggo is more like our best friend and not a cat. This is why everytime we come home, a dog will always ready to cheer us and wag their tails. So, Buzzers if you are not a dog person yet, maybe these top 15 pictures showing life is better with dogs, will change your mind!

1. Shopping never be this good…

2. Spa day is getting more relaxing..

3. An empty house is more alive when you see this cute fella

4. Eiffel tower is not only a tower with our fluffy friend

5. Being a grandma is an awesome feelings

6. Even if you have belly realize you still look cute!

7. Driving is more thrilling when doggo is in charge…

8. Autumn feels warmer with this goldie

9. Getting more weight is not a problem anymore..

10. Going to the beach in Summer

11. Even your bed feels better with dogs!!

12. Magical wedding with a Doggo priest!

13. When someone send you a d*ck pic but turns out it’s a white doggo…I ain’t even mad..

14. Travel pic will be more majestic!!

15. Date with Bae and the Pack!

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