These Top 10 Gentlemen Cats Will Teach You All You Need to Know About Moustache!

Hi Buzzers! Facial hair is considered sexy nowadays among men, beard still catch everybody attention! But if you don’t want to look too messy or struggle to maintain your beard, moustache could be the safest option for you! These top gentlemen with moustache will help you to choose the perfect ones!!

1. English

Do you want to look like an English gentlemen? Then English moustache is a great option! As you can see below, English moustache narrow at the middle and upper lip. The whiskers are quite long so its pulled outside and curled upward!

Moustache cat

2. Walrus

Walrus moustache resemble the Walrus for sure! The whiskers thick, bushy and drop right over the mouth! The Walrus moustache is suitable for you who is old fashioned and wise!

Moustache cat

3. Hungarian

Hungarian moustache is thick but trimmed with a very long end curled. This moustache is suitable for you who is extravagant and confident!

Moustache cat

4. Dali

This eccentric moustache is thin and narrow with pointy and long ends. This moustache is suitable for you who is creative and eccentric just like Dali!

Moustache cat

5. Chevron

Chevron moustache will give that strong look on your face! It’s probably not the most fashionable one but suitable for you who have a practical life with values! Chevron moustache is wide and thick with a shape as chevron!

Moustache cat

6. Petite handle bar

Petite handlebar is like a handlebar moustache that is thick and have a wavy shape. The difference is petite handle bar is shorter about 1 cm beyond the nose border while a handle bar moustache can reach up to your cheek. Since it is quite short, it is also less curled up. This moustache is suitable for a mature professional.

Moustache cat

7. Hitler

Buzzers you must be remember this kind of moustache from TV star, Charlie Chaplin and history figure, Hitler! This moustache is thick with the hair focusing in the center of your mouth! If you are shy, introvert but tough then this is a perfect moustache for you!

Moustache cat

8. Lampshade

Lampshade is suitable for you who is ordinary and down to earth! This moustache has to be the same length as your lips and closely cropped above your lips.

Moustache cat

9. Painters brush

This moustache looks like a painters brush indeed. It also doesn’t offer much fashion in terms of shape but it has it’s own charm. Painters brush is suitable for you who has a mature and sharp personality with a conservative values. The moustache itself quite bushy and have the same width as your mouth with rounded corners.

Moustache cat

10. Pencil

You must be wandering hmm this moustache is only a straight thin line?! Well, it’s true buzzers! It has named pencil moustache because it looks like it was drawn by a pencil! If you are mysterious and gallant like Gomez Addams in the Addams family then this moustache is for you!

Moustache cat

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