These TOP 10 Images Shows Celebrities Are Not That "Perfect" and It's Okay!

Buzzers many of us are influenced by the perfect look of celebrities in magazines, red carpet, or Tv shows. As the result, boys and girls set their expectation of “beauty” too high even out of reach. Many young people are worried about fat in their belly, body shape, pimples, wrinkles, skin colors, and many more! 

This is not healthy Buzzers, celebrities are human too like us. They also not “that” perfect, the perfection sometimes gained by photoshop! These celebrities are not afraid to show it and It’s okay to embrace natural beauty that is “You”!

1. When Britney felt the itchy in her nose…it’s just a normal thing human do sometimes.

2. It’s normal sometimes you can feel That Sexy in inappropriate places…and you don’t need a D cup breast transplant to be beautiful girls just like Amanda Holden!

3. When it is No Shave November sometimes hairy armpits can help you fight the cold just like the actress, Julia Roberts..In some culture hairy armpits are considered to be Sexy..

4. We know it’s not easy to flaunt your natural skin moreover if you have acnes and blemishes  like Kim Kardashian but hey…just embrace your beauty in every situations  girls!

5. If you feel bad about your wrinkles well just remember 22 years old Cara Delevigne has that too and she still can rock that catwalk!

6. Hair gaps caused by hair loss or dandruff, or just a genetic thin hair? Well, no worries since Kirsten Stewart still can bring A Vampire and Werewolf home!

7. Ever feel less desirable when you are pregnant? Well, you don’t need to! Kim Kardashian still rock that dress with her curvy body even though feet are swollen, but a real woman looks best when they are pregnant!

8. Yellowish and disorganized Teeth…well the Hottest Guy in Pearl Harbour, Tom Cruise had that problem too! You only need to get appointment with a dentist and Voila…you could be the Next Hottest Guy Buzzers!!

9. People seem to have a problem with Duchess of Cambridge Grey’s hair, but does it make her less beautiful? Well, not for me, she looks like a real people with a  natural beauty!!

10. Don’t cry over your Stretch marks girls! Be like Winnie Harlow, a Top model with Vitiligo! It’s probably not perfect but every scars, marks, and spots of your body are uniquely beautiful! You only need to embrace it and smile more!

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