These TOP 15 Dogs Help Their Owners To Propose and It's the Cutest Thing You'll See To

Buzzers, dogs are man’s best friend and speaking about proposal they really help a lot! No need to feel shy and anxious anymore because no girls will say No to their cute face and silky fur!! Cupid Dogs will match you with the girls you love! But first, buy me that bone treats lol. So, here is top 15 cute dogs who help their owners to propose their girlfriend into a marriage. All definitely say “Yes”!! Good job Cupid Dogs!!

#1. “Okay hooman, I’ve been smiling for an hour, now tell me is it a Yes??”

#2. “I always know she likes my curly hair, Bob!’

#3. “If you say yes, I will share my treats!!”

#4. “So excited My hooman is complete now!!”

#5. “We’re waiting…..say I do”

#6. “Well, not me technically but the hooman over there…”

#7. “Today’s mission accomplished! I am happy to be A dog cupid!!”

#8. “Just say yes Girl, he’s been kneeling down and carry me for the past 1 hour and I am hungry! Quick before I eat this rose!!”

#9. “Look what’s on my nose!! So will you be my mommy?”

#10. “Just say Yes so I can keep the bones!!”

#11. “Okay hooman Listen up, I know it’s a big decision but I am all ears, hope you say yes though”.

#12. “Let’s go cute! No hooman will resist our cute faces!!”

#13. “I have hooman mommy! Finally!!”

#14. “I know she will love the ring!”

#15. “Come on Hooman! Just Say Yes!!”

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