These TOP 15 Make Up Fail Will Force Your Boyfriend To Leave You!

Buzzers, have you ever in awe or maybe….awe…sh*t in looking how someone do their make up? Well, I know it kind of hard and need to practice a lot but don’t ever stop learning! You don’t need to put a lot of make up to be beautiful! In fact simplicity is the best! Women, You look more beautiful in “make up no make up look” Just be natural! So, here’s top 15 make up fail which you should not try!

#1. Smokey eyes or Burn Eyes?

#2. Dagger eyebrows surely can kill you..

#3. When your eyebrows are on diet..

#4. Please don’t cut your fake eyelashes, if you don’t want to look like you have a broom on your eyes

#5. I don’t think you should dye your eyebrow to match your lipstick

#6. When you’re too patriotic

#7. I won’t trust a woman with a lip liner like this one!

#8. This is not how it means by be in a spotlight…

#9. When her eyes reminds you of Mc. Donalds

#10. Clearly she wants something and that’s the “D” for “Dollars”

#11. When you rushed your girlfriend to the hospital because you think she got an allergic reactions but turned out it’s her make up…

#12. Picasso will be proud…

#13. When her eyelashes remind you of spiders feet…

#14. You should not ever put blush on on the tip of your nose…it looks like Rudolph the reindeer got escaped…

#15. Please blend properly girls!

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