These TOP 15 Memes Prove No Women No Cry As Long As You Have Waifu !!

Buzzers who doesn’t love anime girls? The cute smile, perfect hour glass body, big eyes, and their voice….it just irresistible. Well, I don’t think someone in the world could be that perfect. Maybe that is why otakus prefer to be with their waifu all the time! At least for them no women no cry because waifu is all I need…here’s some funny waifu memes we have curated for you Buzzers!!

#1. Please Stahp!

#2. When somebody at the bar flirt at your waifu

#3. When someone said to you “Waifu pillow is Not A Real wife”

#4. Oh waifu you so wet

#5. When it’s her first time at the gym

#6. You know she’s a keeper when she said “I like it from the back”

#7. You know things get serious with your waifu when you contact a pornhub

#8. They said Perfect girlfriend is not exist..

#9. The first thing I should see when I woke up

#10. When your waifu has that wife-material…”Heaven”

#11. When you introduce your first waifu to your dad

#12. He feels the terror…

#13. How to outrage your gf in Waifu style

#14. You know you are in love when you share your chicken patty

#15. Forever single in Waifu Style

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