These TOP 15 Things About Food & Drinks Only Exist in America And Will Shock You!!

1. Main Menu is called entree while entree is a French words for a “starter dish”.

2. Sweet bread and buns. In America their bread is too sweet for the rest of the world!

3. Hidden Love for Pickles. Pickles in almost everything!

4. Various choices in your sandwich. While the rest of the world sandwich is only salad, mayo, ham and sauce American can go from 100 types of cheese, 1000 type of bread, pickles, jalapenos, relish, coleslaw, olives, cucumber, salt, pepper, toasted, roasted…well maybe I am exaggerating but that’s how it is!

5. Bake sweet potato and marshmallow and apparently lots of dish combine with marshmallow. Sugar, sugar, sugar, Americans love sugar!

6. Salad with Jell-O. Well, I haven’t seen something like this in the world but America. Basically they put everything inside the jelly including fish, sweet, and vegetables!

7. People ordering large Soda even though it can be refilled.

8. Many flavoured ice creams! Vanilla, chocolate, low sodium, diet, low fat until Dinosaurs Eggs!!!

9. Americans prefer Grapes than Black Currant flavor! Just like in their skittles is in Grape flavor rather than black currant as in the rest of the world!

10. 1970’s recipe that still exist till now. Banana and Ham casserole. It is kinda quirky for me to bake layered banana, ham, cream and cheese together..hmm..

11. Turkey injected with 100% Vodka as a thanksgiving meal. Because why not?? Thanksgiving only comes once a year duh.

12. Pancakes for Breakfast! If You need sugar for breakfast, you are Antmerican…

13. 44 mL shot for your alcohol! The alcohol in the US will taste stronger since they use 44 mL shots while in Australia we use our standard 30 mL.

14. Fake Cheese in many form from spread to spray cheese!!

15. Bigger Portion Size! Well, I love this one lol, you only need to eat one dish and then hibernate for a week!!

Well, not all bad probably after you taste it, you will love some of their dishes like Vodka-infused Turkey or their bigger  food size! So, what do you think Buzzers? share your story on what kind of American dishes you love or dislike the most, give your comments on our social media!

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