These TOP 16 Wacky Wedding Pictures Will Make You Re-Think About Marriage!! (Part 2)

These Top 16 people  had their biggest wedding day with some wacky moments eternalized in their wedding pictures! It will make you re-think that marriage doesn’t need to be perfect, just embrace everything in it good or bad. One day you will look back and laugh it out loud!! This is the part two, Buzzers!! Enjoy!!

1. When the stair doesn’t agree if you two are being together…
2. When the flower girl is on Mobile Legend and don’t care about your marriage.

3. When all your bridesmaids wear strapless dress and from the back it seems like a “nudist gathering”.

4. When you think you are a bridesmaids because you are her best friend but actually she only needs an extra maid for free…

5. How to make your husbands think about polygamy…hmm nothing better than this…

6. When your gown designer get inspired from Japan…all weird eccentric thing come from Japan babe!

7. How you wish your gown to be modern and elegant with a Jumpsuit wedding dress, but it turns out to make you looks like a Heroine for the next avengers movie..

8. This is how you looks like if you wear your granny wedding dress…#vintage..

9. When you invited your friends who have a naughty mind…The result of your wedding photo will be…

10. Why they even think it is a good idea to wear a wedding dress and take a picture in the desert?? Like hellooo…now the payment for laundry is more than the wedding photographer itself!

11. How to pay back a friend who said her whole lifetime, “I am independent and won’t get married to any guy”. But she married first before you.. #IWon’tCatchYouIfYouFall

12. Wedding night turns out not as romantic as everybody said….my wife just slept there on the couch.

13. How a Runaway Bride give a Hint for her groom to find her, so she can get a bigger diamond ring. Then runaway again…this time for forever.

14. When you married with a peanut butter…” It gives me more comfortable feelings and liberate me more than any guy in the world”..

15. When someone try to sabotage your wedding dress (most probably is your cat from hell), so they need to alter the dress the last minutes.
16. When the bride finds out that the diamond on the ring is smaller than what she has expected…#bridezilla

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