These TOP 20 Men Slay in High Heels Better Than Your Woman!!

 Buzzers, women are always head over heels about shoes!! They fancy high heels a lot and seem to have a radar about high heels that is on SALE!! But, do you know that modern high heels were brought in the early of 17th century by emissaries of Shah Abbas I of Persia ?! 

Heels also were worn by men to show their upper class status! The heels were getting higher to distinguish themselves from lower classes! Well, even though nowadays high heels are very close with femininity and womanly figure, some men are ready to bring heels back to masculinity and slay with it!!  

#1. Slay like the Sex and the city

#2. No woman will do this…

#3. Even he knows Manolo Blahnik will never fail you!

#4. Just chillin’ with our red stilettos!