These TOP 20 Pictures Of Army Fails Will Give You The Freedom You Need!

Buzzers, it’s being well known that girls love guys in uniform…but not an ordinary uniform! They love a guy in an army uniform! Well, let’s see if they still love you after they know you are much likely do this kind of sh*t during your military training…

1. When your leg is broken but still need to aim

2. A Tanktatrophe…

3. Less Kill More Selfie

4. Boys will be boys–IXo4jaPQhVDC5mDlMQbXa

5. The uniform surely make every girl frozen in love…

6. When you have guts to say No to your commander

7. Darwin’s theory reapplied in the military

8. When the government reduce military fund..

9. When you trying hard to blend in with the locals

10. After world war 3

11. When salutation is more important than your life

12. When your hats look like you are going to a Bubble bath party

13. There was a time when the priest went to war with a robe

14. When you spend all your youth in a military camp, women is an alien for you

15. When you need to take a poo doo doo

16. When PTSD attack

17. Santa should kill all the naughty boys

18. When I want for Christmas is you..

19. In military you need to put your crotch in insurance

20. Very much dangerous…

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