These TOP 21 Bizarre Pictures Shows Airport Is In The Other Dimension!!

Buzzers, public places like an airport sometimes bring their own “universe” because weird, bizarre, and funny things love to happen there! If you look closer you will find you are with the aliens or yourself is the “alien” lol. So, are you ready to see the bizarre airport fail? Just check this article below and if you ever have an airport fail too just give your comments to our social media on facebook: @urbazbuzz, Instagram and twitter @bazbuzz1 !

1. Is it very “cold” inside the airport madam?

2. She looks like she’s “On Fire”.

3. It is in London Stansted Airport! Even the British don’t know the difference between “Lie” and “Lay”.

4. When Burger plushie gets a lot of treatment than you…

5. I just found out that camel smokes too in Frankfurt Airport!

6. Rules are made to be broken!

7. Oh!! I met uncle meghan in Thailand!

8. Stop stealing Danielle !!

9. Apparently in Beijing Airport loo you should aim too..please!!

10. He had a rough security check!

11. “Airport security check airport security”

12. When you are jet lag but make fifteen dolla dolla profit in Vegas airport…

13. Airport security believe in “Duct tapes” can solve all your problem like magic!

14. Is she even “Human” ?? How?!

15. Airport security said ” A Yeti come and play my guitar”.

16. So apparently in China airport you can drink water from the toilet…

17. How to know if a man is loyal…he sleeps anywhere by hugging his suitcase!

18. When a Scottish going abroad Kilt is a symbol of pride..

19. I think I saw the major of the nutcrackers here…

20. When you get turn on because of the neck pillow…

21. How to look fabulous while being searched by the TSA agents? Of course!! Pink Underwear!!

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