These Top 25 Most Beautiful Truck Art Are A Reason To Visit Pakistan!

Buzzers, have you ever travel to South Asia especially to Pakistan? Well, when you are there for the first time you will be shocked with many colorful and ornamented trucks that passing by. Believe it or not this eye-catching truck has become a tradition in Pakistan and every area has their own style.

You will see floral, calligraphy, and paintings are painted with strong vivid colors such as red, yellow, green and orange! Not to forget the gigantic ornament in front of the truck, unique and wonderful! From Where this hype come from? Apparently it all started when Bedford trucks imported from England in the late 1920’s.

The truck owner then  designed a logo for their trucks in 1940’s. This logo become a competition and the best most beautiful ornamented design usually get the better business. For the Pakistani truck owner, their truck is not only a truck but a way to have a freedom of expression and a part of their pride. For traveller like us, it’s definitely something authentic which should not be missed! So, here is top 25 most beautiful truck art in Pakistan you should see for once in your life..


























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